What We Have Here: A Failure To Communicate

In an article written by Lindon Weeks for NPR, paradoxically, the disconnect between people has grown with the advent of more avenues for communication.

“It is the weirdest thing. There are more ways than ever to communicate with people, yet it sometimes seems like it is more difficult to connect — and stay connected — with anyone” states Weeks.

Tamara Wandel, who teaches communication at the University of Evansville in Indiana, says Twitter-jitters are not confined to young people. “I know plenty of middle-aged men and women incapable of sitting with a friend for a coffee without tweeting that they’re sitting with a friend for coffee,” she says. “So in that way we are always in touch but in a more superficial way.”

concept photo of smartphone addiction. young woman and man sitting in cafe with smartphone and do not looking at each other

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