The Download, Feb 24, 2017: Autonomous Car Cribbing, Tech’s Tax Trouble, and Smartphone Stress

In an MIT study published by The Download, three issues regarding tech are discussed.

Alphabet Sues Uber Over Self-Driving Secrets
Uber’s autonomous car technology may not be all its own work. Waymo, the self-driving car division of Alphabet, claims that one of its former engineers, Anthony Levandowski, covertly downloaded 14,000 files from its servers a month before he left the company. He then set up the self-driving truck firm Otto, which was quickly acquired by Uber, and, Waymo alleges, used the files to develop new lidar sensors for the ride-hailer’s autonomous vehicles. It’s the latest twist in a tale that’s seeing Alphabet and Uber become increasingly strong rivals.

Trump’s Tax Plans Could Harm Tech 
The new president will reform tax—but may stifle innovation in the process. Trump has promised to introduce a “phenomenal” tax plan in the next few weeks, which will be unashamedly pro-business: it’s expected, among other things, to cut corporate tax and reward exporters. But while that might be good news for cash-rich tech giants like Google and Microsoft, it may ultimately discourage innovation among smaller companies. 
Ten Fascinating Things
Do you check your phone when you wake up? Over breakfast? On the train? In … the bathroom? Of course you do. And you’re probably totally stressed out, too. Here is even MORE data regarding stress and smartphones. RE

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