Texas Tech’s Coach Taught His Team a Lost Art–And it Sent Them to the NCAA Final Four

Carmine Gallo, keynote speaker and author, writes about the rewards of teamwork among the players of Texas Tech, a Final Four NCAA team. “How coach Chris Beard accomplished it offers a simple, valuable lesson for any business owner who wants to build a winning team”. Texas Tech is a very good defensive team. One reason is communication. …”Neuroscientists who study how apps, social media and mobile technologies keep us hooked to our phones and disconnected from one another. If not managed, cellphones get in the way of effective communication among team members”. Developing face-to-face interaction without the distraction of technology is paramount to effective communication on many levels. As humans, we evolved talking to each other. Some of these nuances are likely not even measurable or apparent, yet they were critical to our survival and understanding of one another. 

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