Technostress, The Negative Impact of Technologies on Health

A Mexican article (translated into English) that cites several studies regarding the use of technology and the stress it causes in the Mexican population. It also states that the US and Taiwan are significantly higher in the percentage of stress induced by technology. In Mexico, the Mexican Psychoanalytic Association (APM) estimates that 2 percent of the population between 11-18 years old is addicted to technology.”It’s a relatively low figure compared to other countries like the United States, where the proportion can reach 40 percent, or Taiwan, where 80 percent of young people have this addiction, but even so it’s a percentage that should be of concern, given that just two years ago it was 0.5 percent,” said APM president Delia Hinojosa. Juana Patlan, a psychology professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), describes five different users of technology.

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