How Wearables Will Change Everything

James Winger, a sports medicine physician at Loyola University Medical Center, suggested that smart shirts could eliminate the need for recovering patients to hook up to EKG machines during rehabilitation. “Just think if you could measure your blood pressure, or measure your insulin levels, or be able to notify an emergency contact if something is not working correctly in your body,” Dennison says. “Especially as we have an aging population that wants to stay at home, they need to be connected with devices that ensure they can live a healthy, safe life without living in and old folks’ home.”

This is just one example of a way in which clothing embedded with technology is predicted to change the way we live in the future. This article discusses several positive ways in which wearables can aid in human kind’s quality of life. There is no mention of a military application as a point of discussion. Who hasn’t seen Marvel’s “Age of Ultron”? RE


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