Helping Teens Turn Off In A World That’s ‘Always On’: The Links Between Technology and Depression

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune addresses how parents should try and help teens control exposure to technological devices.”For as smart as phones may be these days, they simply don’t know when to quit. To protect their kids’ mental health, parents must develop methods for outsmarting them, experts say, and often that involves simply turning them off.”

What can parents do? Awadallah said, “Institute a routine. Make sure kids aren’t using phones or devices when supposed to be sleeping because exposing themselves to unnatural blue light that’s going to be overly stimulating and not let them sleep well. If they’re more invested with interacting online than with people in person, you need to talk.

“Nobody likes to feel a loss of control. So work with them to arrive at a mutually agreed upon a reasonable amount of time to spend on the phone. Have it be a discussion, a collaboration. That will probably yield better results than just saying, ‘No phones’.”

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