Valley Psychologist Creates Wearable Tech to Reduce Anxiety, Stress

According to Cronkite News,  Paradise Valley neuropsychologist Dr. Amy Serin believes she’s found a new way to help people deal with stress and anxiety. Serin has developed a product named Buzzies. Buzzies are worn on the wrist or in a pocket. Buzzies send signals to the brain and these signals help change the way information is processed stated Serin.

BLAST, or bilateral alternating stimulation tactile treatment, is the method that makes the product relieve anxiety in theory.

This is a technology that has been used in certain types of treatments in the last few decades,” she said. “What I did that was new, was improve some of the technology, the waveform, the delivery method to give access to people outside of doctor’s offices.” The irony, of course, that this is another technology that is a solution to reducing stress. RE

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