10 Jobs That Are Being Replaced By Machines

Todd Wasserman from Mashed writes about the future of employment for machines replacing humans. 

Do you want job security? Become a wedding planner. That’s the advice from Glassdoor, the jobs and career community site. Automation may claim as many as 47% of current jobs by 2033, according to a recent Oxford University study. If you’re planning a career that spans beyond the next decade, you may want to strike the following off the list. Why?

“In the future, it’s very likely that many of today’s jobs, from cashier to teller, will be automated and the need for real people to take on these roles won’t be needed as technology will catch up and take on these responsibilities,” says Scott Dobroski, Glassdoor community expert. “Themes people should be aware of include low-skilled jobs being likely replaced by automation first, such as telemarketer or typist, whereas jobs requiring creativity or a social aspect to them are not as at risk.” The article goes on to list 8 more jobs that are on the chopping block. RE

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