Active Phone — and Its Silence — Causing Stress

Yet another article about the addiction to mobile phones. This time, it’s Ross, an Adobe employee living in Sacramento, CA that is reporting cell anxiety. In an article written in the Sacramento Bee by Sammy Calola (and retrieved from the Indiana gazette), ross says, “I never have it away from my person. That gives me anxiety. It bothers me because I know what is going to be on the phone when I get back to it, or what I’m going to miss.” The article goes on to say that most people have a visceral reaction to a cell phone that has alerted the user and isn’t checked in a certain period of time. A short period. Dr. Larry Rosen, a professor at Cal State, says, “We’ve trained ourselves, almost like Pavlov’s dogs, to figuratively salivate over what that vibration might mean. If you don’t address the vibrating phone or the beeping text, the signals in your brain that cause anxiety are going to continue to dominate, and you’re going to continue feeling uncomfortable until you take care of them.” Sound familiar? RE

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