The Internet As It Was In 1996

Transferred from a VHS videotape, this 1996 video shows how to use a PC and how to use the PC to access the new “world wide web.” I’m guessing the average 1st grader knows more about using a PC and the internet than this professional instructional video is teaching. You won’t believe how backward the […]

GOPHER Protocol

Mark McCahill of Duke University, gives a brief discussion on his work developing the Internet Gopher Protocol. The discussion is a little tech oriented and hard to follow, but provides great insight into the history of the internet.     For the full episode visit 

Searching the Internet – Gopher | The Internet Revealed (1995)

The Internet Revealed takes a snapshot of the state of Internet search in mid-1995. Watch as host Tim McLain explains how to use Gopher software to access the University of Minnesota to search for files related to the Former Soviet Union and more. I actually heard this on National Public Radio as a few days […]

Internet Stress Tops Workers’ List Of Anxieties: Study

An article in The Huffington Post cites a study from the UK where it was determined that 38% of the survey respondents preferred losing heat and water over the internet connection based on 1,000 people polled. Preferring to lose television connections than the internet. The article goes on to say that this is an increase […]

Will Computers Ever Replace Teachers?

In an article for The NewYorker, Harvard professor Justin Reich probes the idea that computers might someday entirely replace teachers in the classroom. He talks about the history of PLATO, a mainframe computer at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which ran software called Programmed Logic for Automated Teaching Operations. It was set up as a […]

The Inverted-U Model and Stress (Yerkes-Dodson Law)

Great article on stress and productivity/performance. This is very applicable to technology and stress as tech stress interferes and delays productivity. It is interesting to note that even though this theory was introduced in 1908, the fundamental model is applicable as we have migrated from labor to machines to technology. Below are a brief synopsis and […]