Best Anxiety Apps for iPhone

This article is written by MacWorld and ironically suggests that there are apps that will help alleviate stress. It focuses mainly on depression and may have validity, but certainly looks self-serving. Fish or cut bait? RE   Read Article Here

Five Ways to Avoid Digital Addiction

This article from Reader’s Digest lays out a few ways to avoid technology addiction. It includes television and suggests not using a device if it’s sunny outside. (This may not be as difficult to achieve as it first appears since this was a Canadian publication). It’s a little thin, but does provide some possible ways […]

Why Do Social Networks Increase Stress?

This is an article that I found from the Huffington Post that looks at a PEW Foundation study regarding the use of Social Media and the stressful outcomes that social media can cause and /or exacerbate. RE   Full Article Here

Does Technology Increase Teen Stress?

An interesting article from Our Everyday Life that explores the use of technology and stress in teens. It discusses that not only does technology increase stress in teens, but that, it turn, stress may increase the use of technology. Thereby creating a revolving issue. RE Read Full Article Here    

The Proliferation of Device Causing Stress

A Mercury News article which emphasizes the ongoing effects of technology related stress in the “early stages”. Mentioning the transition of going to Apple’s new iPhone 7 as being particularly stressing for people upgrading and losing contacts last fall. It offers some tips on how to avoid stress. It is interesting to note that it […]

Cambridge Study on Tech Related Stress

Great article from The Independent on tech-related stress. Over 33% of all people in a study by The University of Cambridge have stress caused by technology. Even more stressed (38%) is the group aged 10 – 18 years of age. This article also offers some strategy for reducing stress. RE Full Article Here

Stress | Richard Hammond’s Tech Head

An entertaining and short commentary by British writer Richard Hammond. This is an accurate and humorous video about the presence of tech stress and the overwhelming cost which he calls a “gadget based disease”. Although the tone is comical, the content is dead on. RE