Cyber Junkie: Escape the Gaming and Internet Trap

Recovering video game addict Kevin Roberts offers a step-by-step guide to recovery for those struggling with compulsive video gaming and Internet surfing. Video gaming and Internet surfing are the top sources of entertainment for tens of millions of North Americans today. As these technologies continue to grow and flourish, so does the number of people […]

High Tech Realm: Past and Future Technology

This article written in the Statesman in 2010, discusses how the past media was so optimistic about the technology of the future. What is most interesting is that most movies presently (Mad Max, Book of Eli, e.g.) have a theme of post-apocalypse themes and a very pessimistic view of technology and the future. We are […]

Thync, Investing in the Future of Stress Relief Wearables

This article from FashNerd illustrates the heavy trend toward tech wearables. This time by using a wearable that will allow you to shift mental states in minutes. Developed by Isy Goldwasser and Dr. Jamie Tyler, Thync was founded in 2011. In 2015, Thync introduced a sleek neurosignaling device named Module, which was their first consumer wearable, […]

Is Tech Addiction Making Us Far More Stressed at Work?

In an article from BBC News, author Padraig Belton reports on how tech is causing a more stressful workplace. The article says that more technology is leading to intrusive, less productive output in the workplace and at home. Quoting Professor Sir Cary Cooper of Manchester Business School, “Something like 40% of people wake up, and the first thing […]

The Future of the Internet: Ubiquity, Mobility, Security

A paper converted into a short paperback book is written by Janna Quitney Anderson and Harrison Rainie, The Future of the Internet delves into the evolution of several areas including social tolerance, law and copyright protection, internet user interface among others. The survey data projects that privacy will become an increasing issue and will technology will […]

The Digital Diet of the American Teen

This is the most profound article as a parent that I have found. Written by Paul Malcore, it provides infographics on where teens spend their time in any given day. I was startled by the results. In the article, it is stated that teens spend more time on digital devices than they do sleeping. The […]

Kids Pushed to Develop ‘Digital Dementia’?

In another article reviewing Dr. Manfred Spitzer’s work in the 2012 book titled “Digital Dementia: What We and Our Children are Doing to our Minds“, TimesUnion takes the position that this is potentially alarming and cited the American Association of Pediatrics as also thinking there are problems.   Read Article Here

Technostress: Coping With Stress @ WORK @ HOME @ PLAY

For an increasing number of “connected” people, being constantly available, juggling multiple tasks, and sorting through a pile of information fosters a type of anxiety known as technostress. “Technostress captures all the ways technology causes irritation, frustration, stress, and lack of sleep,” says expert Larry D. Rosen, Ph.D., professor of psychology at California State University. Rosen and his […]