The Future of Free Speech, Trolls, Anonymity and Fake News Online

In a recent article, experts are concerned about the continuation of bad behavior on the internet.  Some predict that it will grow worse before it gets better. Others foresee a time when social media “safe zones” will be separated from “free zones” and monitored by Artificial Intelligence.  This will compromise privacy and inhibit the exchange […]

The Erosion of Trust – Hype-Driven Strategy

In this short narrative, Travis Thompson of Iterative Architecture explains why including technology for the sake of technology is a poor choice when building a structure for a design project. He discusses that trust from a stakeholder is one of the key elements in service satisfaction. “Implementing corrupted plans that include technology for technology sake undermine confidence […]

Vr 19 mei 2017 – Henk Rijckaert ‘Technostress’

This is a short review of a Dutch comic who’s theme revolves around tech stress. He talks about the anxiety that is associated with leaving your house and worrying about what you have left on, left without, etc. His first example of tech stress is the fire in the cave. Written in Dutch. Read Article Here

Active Phone — and Its Silence — Causing Stress

Yet another article about the addiction to mobile phones. This time, it’s Ross, an Adobe employee living in Sacramento, CA that is reporting cell anxiety. In an article written in the Sacramento Bee by Sammy Calola (and retrieved from the Indiana gazette), ross says, “I never have it away from my person. That gives me anxiety. It bothers me […]

Are Mobile Devices Ruining Our Eyes?

According to Robert DiMartino, OD, Professor of Clinical Optometry and Vision Science at the University of California, Berkeley*, and a board member of, the effects of overuse of laptop computers, tablets, cell phones, and now iWatches on our vision could be detrimental. “With the growing popularity of mobile devices, most of us spend more […]

Essentials of Managing Stress

In this book written by Brian Luke Seaward, Ph.D., Essentials of Managing Stress provides several suggestions for stress management are explored. Although this book wasn’t authored directed specifically at tech stress, it does apply many o the same methodology and principals in reducing, preventing or eliminating stress and factors relating to it. RE

12 Tech Trends That Will Shape Our Lives in 2017

Design firm FROG took an informal survey asking its global staff to offer trends that they project will be the largest influencers in 2017. The answers predicted that robots will become softer, synthetic food will become more mainstream and autonomous vehicles will save human lives, among 9 more trends. In an article published by, […]

Valley Psychologist Creates Wearable Tech to Reduce Anxiety, Stress

According to Cronkite News,  Paradise Valley neuropsychologist Dr. Amy Serin believes she’s found a new way to help people deal with stress and anxiety. Serin has developed a product named Buzzies. Buzzies are worn on the wrist or in a pocket. Buzzies send signals to the brain and these signals help change the way information is processed stated […]