The Psychodynamics of Social Networking

An entire book dedicated to the Internet of Things concept. In his book, The Psychodynamics of Social Networking, Aaron Balick, a Ph.D., psychotherapist, predicted that algorithms cannot necessarily be trusted to make the appropriate decisions.  “Positive things may be tempered by a growing reliance on outsourcing to technologies that make decisions not based on human concerns, but instead on algorithms (however influenced by our own past choices). We may begin to lose sight of our own desires or our own wills, like many of these drivers who we hear about who, because their GPS told them to, end up in the most unlikely places in the face of all sorts of real-world, contrary evidence. What will happen to our own senses of intuition, let alone our capacity to venture into the unknown, learn new things, and our ability to be still and quiet without being in constant relationship to one device or another.” Some of this book seems to imply that we as a species need to be wary of becoming a transmitter for technology. RE

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