The Length Of Text Messages and Use Of Predictive Texting: Who Uses It and How Much Do They Have To Say?

In a telephone survey of 1000 randomly-selected Norwegians aged 13 or older, a questionnaire gathered information on mobile phone ownership, usage patterns, and attitudes toward further technological developments in mobile telephony. One question on the survey asked respondents to provide the exact text of the last text message they had sent, including idiosyncratic spelling, abbreviations, and punctuation, for example.

The study compared the different types of predictive software and various gadgets for facilitating text entry, length of average text, the gender differences (The median length reported by women was 25 letters, 7 letters longer than the median of 18 reported by males) and interestingly found that females who did NOT use predictive texting wrote significantly longer texts than females using predictive texting. RE

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