An Unconventional Use of the Mobile Phone: Motivations for College Students’ Drunk Dialing Behavior

In a  paper written by Amber L. Ferris at Kent State University, she discusses the cell phone’s role in intoxicated behavior in college students. The paper is a bit dated (2008) as, according to the PEW Foundation, almost 99% of students will text rather than call in 2017. This is a PDF version and may (or may not) need some type of social media link to access the article. RE

Drunk dialing calling on a cell phone while intoxicated is a recent phenomenon among college students. The purpose of this study was to explore students’drunk dialing motives under the uses and gratifications perspective. Using mixed methodologies, eight drunk dialing motives emerged. Specifically, Entertainment, Sexuality, Lack of Inhibition, and Confession of Emotion predicted drunk dialing frequency. Though men and women did not differ in drunk dialing frequency, there were gender differences in drunk dialing motives.

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