How To Cope With Stress In Tech

According to InformationWeek, in October 2017, Mental Health America conducted a workplace survey and estimated that stress was costing companies up to $500 billion annually in lost productivity and absenteeism. Heavy workloads, people issues, balancing work and personal life, and lack of job security are major stressors, and they all are prominent in tech. So […]

The Hidden Stress of Cell Phones

UCHealth’s Susan Cunningham wrote an article regarding the stress associated with cell phone usage in 2018. “It might be said we are addicted to being distracted,” said Victoria Strohmeyer, a registered psychotherapist with UCHealth Yampa Valley Medical Center. “When you check your phone or hear an alert, you activate your sympathetic nervous system, the part of […]

Is Your Workplace Suffering From ‘Tech Stress’?

In a recent article written by Human Resources Director in Australia, technology stress is becoming an increasingly common complaint that is not being addressed by employers”, according to Dr. Lindsay McMillan, lead researcher of HR think-tank Reventure. Dr. McMillan added,  “…<that> if employers do not manage technology stress, employees will ‘burnout and head to the […]

What We Have Here: A Failure To Communicate

In an article written by Lindon Weeks for NPR, paradoxically, the disconnect between people has grown with the advent of more avenues for communication. “It is the weirdest thing. There are more ways than ever to communicate with people, yet it sometimes seems like it is more difficult to connect — and stay connected — with […]