The Robots Will Make the Best Fake News

In an article for Bloomberg written by Noah Smith, robots are seen as the perfect distribution methods for fake news. Machine learning, especially a variety known as deep learning, is arguably the hottest new technology on the planet. It gives computers the ability to do many tasks that only humans were able to perform — recognize […]

The Augmented Reality Boom Will Transform Phones (and Business)

In an article for Computerworld, Mike Elgan discusses the upcoming changes coming in regard to AR and smartphones. An important transformation is about to get under way. Starting next year, AR will begin transforming enterprise communications, logistics, manufacturing, analytics, product design, training, marketing, field service and more. Today’s phones and tablets aren’t quite up to […]

Scientists Used CRISPR to Put a GIF Inside a Living Organism’s DNA

Harvard scientists have embedded a GIF into the cell of bacteria. With this technology, any and all digital information could be contained in a molecular storage unit. That unit would be invisible to the naked eye and be contained on your person (under your skin, perhaps?) at all times. Yaniv Erlich, a computer scientist and biologist […]

Implications of the IoT Connectivity Binge: Convenient, Threatening, Magical and Likely to Significantly Diminish Civil Liberties

That’s what more than 1,200 experts told the Pew Research Center and Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center in a wide-ranging canvassing of opinions in which 85% predicted the IoT (Internet of Things) will plunge forward, flaws and all. This article is a quick summary of the 93-page report written by Janna Anderson. Pete Cranston […]