Facebook Is Broken

Columnist John Evans discusses why Facebook is causing less open communication and more “looped” interactions. “The way Facebook’s News Feed works is that the more you “engage” with posts from a particular user, the more often their posts are shown to you. The more you engage with a particular kind of post, the more you […]

Technostress, The Negative Impact of Technologies on Health

A Mexican article (translated into English) that cites several studies regarding the use of technology and the stress it causes in the Mexican population. It also states that the US and Taiwan are significantly higher in the percentage of stress induced by technology. In Mexico, the Mexican Psychoanalytic Association (APM) estimates that 2 percent of the population between […]

How Facebook’s Tentacles Reach Further Than You Think

An article that discusses the extreme power and influence of FaceBook. ShareLab is a project based in Belgrade that has studied Facebook over the last several years. Its findings are startling. “We mapped likes, shares, search, update status, adding photos, friends, names, everything our devices are saying about us, all the permissions we are giving […]