How Wearables Will Change Everything

James Winger, a sports medicine physician at Loyola University Medical Center, suggested that smart shirts could eliminate the need for recovering patients to hook up to EKG machines during rehabilitation. “Just think if you could measure your blood pressure, or measure your insulin levels, or be able to notify an emergency contact if something is not […]

The Real Risk of Artificial Intelligence

“When a computer spits out a decision, we are typically unable to see how it got there…” – BBC World Changing Ideas Summit, Sydney, 2015. In the most elemental way, artificial intelligence is having a machine do some task or function that most would consider it require intelligence when humans do them: knowing how to respond […]

Top iPhone 7 Bugs, Including ‘Connection Hell’

When the iPhone series of phones are released, there are periods of anxiety and frustration. This article from 2016 gives a rather good idea of how and what users are experiencing, some even before they buy their new iPhones or update to a new Operating System. RE   Read Article Here