Summoning the Demon: Why Superintelligence is Humanity’s Biggest Threat

This fascinating and disturbing article written by Clarke and Eddy for GeekWire defines and warns about the rise of AI. “The compounding effect of computers teaching themselves leads us to “superintelligence.” Superintelligence is an artificial intelligence that will be “smarter” than its human creators.” Dr. Stephen Hawking warns that AI is “likely to be either the best […]

The Erosion of Trust – Hype-Driven Strategy

In this short narrative, Travis Thompson of Iterative Architecture explains why including technology for the sake of technology is a poor choice when building a structure for a design project. He discusses that trust from a stakeholder is one of the key elements in service satisfaction. “Implementing corrupted plans that include technology for technology sake undermine confidence […]

The Future of Jobs and Jobs Training

This article by the  PEW Research Center, authors Rainey and Anderson ask questions concerning the future of jobs and automation. Will robots replace human workers? How can these workers adapt to potential changes in skill sets and what will that interface possibly look like? The process of learning new skills is at the forefront of […]

New AI Mimics Any Voice in a Matter of Minutes

In an article written by Shelly Fan for Singularityhub, synthesized speech is artificially created by using “speech DNA”. In an era of fake news, skeptics are concerned about fake audio. Proponents point toward the benefits that could be used by handicapped individuals, such as the blind. The company, Lyrebird, is using a new approach to voice […]

Vr 19 mei 2017 – Henk Rijckaert ‘Technostress’

This is a short review of a Dutch comic who’s theme revolves around tech stress. He talks about the anxiety that is associated with leaving your house and worrying about what you have left on, left without, etc. His first example of tech stress is the fire in the cave. Written in Dutch. Read Article Here

Technostress: A Consumer’s Persepective

In a paper from a study by the University of West London, UX is clearly a major factor when measuring stress and new technological products. The results indicate that consumers encounter difficulties when interacting with new technologies on a day to day tasks and these difficulties often translate into negative emotions, behaviours and attitudes towards technology. […]

Cellular Phones (and Cancer Risk)

The subject of cellular phone use being a risk factor for cancer was brought up last night in a discussion. Here is a very detailed article with several long-term studies from several countries. Does cellphone (including smartphones) pose an increase in the likelihood of cancer in the user?  Read the article below to see all the results. […]

Artificial Intelligence: The 3 Big Trends to Watch in 2017

This recent article from TechRepublic provides the upcoming trends for AI this year, 2017. The article is basically saying that AI will continue to grow and grow rapidly. There are also some possibilities of small groups starting to use robots for nefarious reasons. And finally, there will be an increasingly strong moral conflict over AI in 2017. Honestly, […]

The Future We’re Building — and Boring

Elon Musk, the CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors and the CEO/CTO of Space Exploration Technologies, in another TED talk regarding technology in the future. He discusses his new project digging tunnels under LA, the latest from Tesla and SpaceX and his motivation for building a future on Mars in conversation with TED’s Head Curator, […]