The 8 Most Stressful Jobs in Tech

In an article written by Sarah White for CIO, she references CareerCast polling results to find the most stressful jobs in the tech industry. Web developers are ranked at #1.  Read Article Here

A Lasting Impact: The Emotional Toll of Identity Theft

In this 2015 article by Equifax, identity theft, the stress it causes and some tips are all covered. This article is very inclusive and is more of a white paper than an article. The tech stress that comes from stealing personal information and loss of financial resources are covered and pronounced.  RE Read PDF Here

Which Generation is Most Distracted by Their Phones?

This is an interesting article which points out that adults are just as obsessed with email as teenagers are with Smartphones. Nearly 60% of adults check their work email while on vacation, and 6% have checked their email while a spouse is in labor. Another 6% have checked email at a funeral, and 10% at a […]