More than 7 billion people live on the planet Earth. More than 6 billion have a cell phone (Time Magazine, 2013). Only 4.5 billion have access to a working toilet (Wang, 2013). Does that give you any perspective on how much our species is being affected by technology today? This website is the ongoing culmination of a course I took with the final thesis being about tech stress. Mostly, it occurred out of my own daily tech stress and those frustrations with no exact focus point on where to express my concerns. The thesis began as an all inclusive paper, but after several reiterations has evolved into this website. The site purpose is to help educate, empathize and inform users about technology and the stress it produces. It raises awareness and is designed for ongoing commentary and input. Of course, there are a lot of positive things here as well. However, the primary jest of these essays and those that have yet to be authored will examine and research the cause and effect of how we as humans have been, are being and will be changed by the devices we have created. That has not always, is not always and may not always be positive. I invite you to participate in this phenomenon that is occurring right now. – Ric Epley